M205 Mono Amplifier


Innovation. Redoubled.
After the resounding success of the S202 Stereo Amplifier, there were many requests for an improved mono amplifier in the same compact chassis. The M205 refines the S202’s already incredible performance with an upgraded input stage and a doubling of the power supply transformers and capacitors. The result is a spectacular increase in sound quality with increased sound-stage definition, vocal realism, and instrument solidity available from the very first notes. The M205 perfectly complements our DAC’s ultra high dynamic range with optimized architecture in the critical areas of audio performance, power supplies, and ultra low-noise design. The fully modular cores, matched impedance input stages and billet CNC chassis’ result in the highest value mono amplifiers we’ve ever created.


Power without limits.
Thanks to two massive custom low-noise high-current toroidal transformers and rugged high-current output buffers, the M205’s provide a transparent, holographic listening experience that’s completely fatigue free. This ensures that the amplifiers present consistent performance even with difficult speakers.

Input Architecture.
The M205 features a discrete design with a Class-A matched impedance input stage. The result is a product with minimized signal reflections, input noise, and distortion, while also maximizing power transfer and dynamic range in a zero negative feedback design. All components were meticulously chosen for their sonic performance and longevity, ensuring your amplifier is built to last. Our PCB Shop Tour > Click here

Billet CNC chassis.
The M205 amplifiers are designed and lovingly crafted in our factory based in California. After 28 hours of CNC machining, two complete chassis’ of billet aluminium components are ready, maximizing heatsink area with a stunning visual profile. This high-efficiency design provides a surface area of over 3,000 in² per amplifier. High-power heat pipes distribute heat evenly for optimal thermal and electrical performance. Our Machine Shop Tour > Click Here

Core values.
Building the M205 amplifiers with core enclosures greatly improves their reliability and performance. Upon completion, the cores are rigorously tested and stocked for orders, ensuring the highest quality product is ready at a moment’s notice. With this segmentation, your system is optimized for performance and resilience. Our Production Tour > Click here

Smart control features.
The M205’s are equipped with simple, user-friendly control interfaces. Intuitive push buttons, remote commands, and the 12V triggers guarantee control over power and standby modes. Further control of amplifiers “power on” timers and soft-start circuits allow a multi-amplifier system to power up without putting strain on your listening room’s electrical system. Power Control Setup Learn More > Click Here

Powerful configurations.
Intuitively oriented speaker lugs direct your speaker cables in the right direction without strain. With dual outputs, the M205 is ideal for a bi-amped system. Multiple ground posts enable EMI reduction strategies, including shielded cables and system star grounds.

Anodized finishes.
Elegant yet commanding, our finishes are available in a matte silver or matte black anodize. Our products include our in-house designed viton feet, but any audiophile M6X1 foot can be installed to personalize your system.

Trade in program.
While we’re committed to long lasting products that hold their value, we realize audio systems are always evolving. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer up to 100% trade-in value for existing MSB products when upgrading to a higher performing series. If you currently have an MSB DAC or amplifier that you love–but are looking to experience more from your system–please reach out to your local dealer. We’ll build a personalized offer for your existing MSB products that count towards a new DAC or amplifier. Let us do the work of refurbishing and finding your current electronics a new home–they’ll continue to be enjoyed for years to come. Learn More > Click Here

People are talking.
Since opening our doors in 1986, we’ve been driven by one goal: to craft an unrivaled listening experience for music lovers across the globe. In that time, we’ve pushed the industry forward with each product we’ve built, redefining what’s possible. But don’t take our word for it. See what the reviews are saying. Learn more > Click here

The best of the best.
At MSB, we believe excellence is a promise worth keeping. We’re honored to be recognized by the industry for bringing you the most lifelike sound we can. Check out the awards + accolades. Learn more > Click here


Additional information

Weight 62 kg
Dimensions 71.8 × 61 × 41.9 cm

Available in black and silver anodized

Static Power Consumption (per amp)

90 Watts On
Standby power less than 2 watts

Operating Voltage Range

120/240V (Auto switching)
100V (Fixed)


1/4"x1-1/4" 10A 250V Slow Blow


1x XLR Input


2x Binding post set per channel


Input Impedance Switch
On/Off Button
Standby Button
Display Dimmer
12V Mode Switch
2x MSB 12V trigger port

Continuous Power Output (8Ω) < 1% distortion

220 W

Continuous Power Output (4Ω) < 1% distortion

400 W

Dual Bi-Amp Continuous Power Output (8Ω) < 1% distortion

200 W

Dual Bi-Amp Continuous Power Output (4Ω) < 1% distortion

380 W

Frequency Response (20 to 20kHz)


Signal to Noise (20 to 22kHz)

>130dB (>133dBA)

Equivalent Input Noise (22kHz BW)


Gain (150Ω source impedance)


Input Impedance (User Selectable)

75Ω / 300Ω / 1.2kΩ

Output Impedance (20 to 20kHz)


Input/Gain Stage (topology)

– Class-A
– Double balanced
– Impedance matched
– Fully discrete
– Independent power

Output Stage (topology)

– Class-AB
– Balanced
– Medium bias
– Current gain only

Chassis Dimensions (Per Mono Block)

Width: 40.4cm
Depth: 48.3cm
Height: 16.5cm (without feet) 17.8cm (with feet)
Weight: 41kg

Product Feet

M6X1 Thread
3 or 4 Foot Configuration

Included Accessories

User manual and IEC power cord


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