Select DAC


The Select DAC
The world’s finest DAC. Crafted without Compromise.


Eight Hybrid DACs.
With eight Hybrid DACs, the Select DAC produces an unmatched level of detail. It reproduces the musicality, soundstage, and texture of the original performance, bringing the artist to you. A fully balanced, ultra-high precision, discrete ladder DAC architecture ensures each note tells a story. Additionally, MSB’s robust in-house design enables the finest quality playback of PCM and native DSD, while our low impedance circuitry drives your amplification directly without adding coloration or buffering noise. The end result is a digital experience defying expectations. Learn More > Click Here

Femto 33 clock.
Our clock module architecture is built with the customer in mind—we’ve made the clock module user-upgradable, ensuring future updates are simple and streamlined. Each Select DAC comes with the our most advanced Femto 33 Clock featuring a custom oven controlled dual crystal design. Learn More > Click Here

A display for the listening chair.
Equipped with high-visibility and a wide viewing angle, the display is both easy-to-read and stunning. This attention to detail exhibits our love for functional and intuitive features. The LED display, slaved to the audio clock, is refreshed between data processing to drastically reduce electrical interference. The in-house discrete design is then enclosed into its own shielded CNC pocket for optimal isolation. Sit back and be immersed. Our PCB Shop > Click Here

The Select powerbases.
Two dedicated power supplies provide increased isolation and electrical performance for both the digital and the analog power. With the increased space, each Select Powerbase has a much lower noise design. 12 Volt Trigger Learn More > Click Here

Completely modular.
Paired with performance increases, our modular design ethos increases flexibility for future updates and product support, guaranteeing a long-term product investment. As you pursue higher levels of playback, an MSB upgrade path is always available to help drive your own desire for innovation. Whether it’s a software update or a leading-edge modular component, we’re here to help the most valued aspect of MSB—our customers.

Headphones on the highest level.
With careful consideration of the signal path, we are able to design bespoke amplifiers that leverage our DACs ultra-low-noise outputs. Built entirely in-house, our headphone amplifiers easily outperform other amps that are built for universal applications. Similarly, we have dedicated output architecture for electrostatic and dynamic headphones to provide the best listening experience possible. An integrated bypass allows you to easily switch between your two channel system and headphones without moving cables.

Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier > Learn More

Dynamic Headphone Amplifier > Learn More

Premier Headphone Amplifier > Learn More

The Digital Director
The Digital Director enhances essential DAC functions, externally manages digital audio sources, provides unmatched noise isolation and digital filtering. Using our proprietary ProISL laser fiber optic connection, the Digital Director eliminates noise coupling into the DAC from any digital source. This advanced isolation technology elevates the performance of all digital audio sources. Additionally, increased processing power ensures our digital filtering algorithms achieve a new level of realistic and accurate analog reproduction. Born from years of research and development, along with a keen understanding of digital filter design, the Digital Director levels up the performance of all digital audio. The Digital Director > Learn More

Future proof.
MSB thrives off the innovation required to meet consumer demands. We’re constantly improving digital input modules to stay at the forefront of the high-end audio industry, ensuring you’re always equipped with the most current digital file formats and interfaces. Focusing on our network renderer and Pro USB input, your audio tech will be on the cutting edge. Put simply, your DAC is ready for the future. Learn More > Click Here

A better USB solution.
The Pro USB was developed to offer a multi part USB solution that features complete electrical isolation and all the performance of MSB’s proprietary Pro ISL input. The Pro USB is offered as a stand alone module for users who already have an MSB DAC that is equipped with a Pro ISL input as well as a starter kit with a Pro ISL input and everything you need to get up and running. Learn More > Click Here

  • Complete electrical isolation
  • Up to 24 bit – 768kHz
  • MQA decoding
  • Up to 8X DSD
  • Up to 1km lossless transmission

Superior streaming.
The MSB Renderer was developed using an in-house hardware design running an ultra low noise A5 processor for optimal audio playback performance. Over the air updates will ensure that your renderer always has the latest capabilities and ultimate convenience. Learn More > Click Here

  • Up to 32 bit – 768kHz
  • MQA decoding
  • Roon Endpoint
  • Up to 4X DSD
  • UPnP Protocol
  • DLNA Protocol

The last preamp you will ever need.
With the high-output power provided by the Hybrid DAC modules, the need for amplification is eliminated. The signal is attenuated with new technology that provides a constant low impedance output without any active circuitry (no transistors, buffers or op-amps). This allows the Select DAC’s remarkable audio quality to be truly independent of volume setting. It’s a remarkable feat of electrical design that sets a new benchmark in the industry. With sideways expansion, the preamp has the ability for additional analog inputs, and isolated sub outputs. When required, XLR to RCA Adapters are available for single-ended systems. Learn More > Click Here

CNC billet chassis.
Starting with an 85lb plate of ‘Kaiser Select Precision Plate’, material is machined in our own in-house CNC shop. After eight hours of machining, 85% of the aluminum is removed, resulting in a 17lb finished product. The integration of our CNC shop allows for design optimization to create the best possible product. We use the high quality premium ‘Select’ metal, giving us the best anodized finishes on the market. There are no shortcuts with the Select DAC

Anodized finishes.
Elegant yet commanding, our finishes are available in a matte silver or matte black anodize. Our products include our in-house designed viton feet, but any audiophile M6X1 foot can be installed to personalize your system.

The MSB Remote
When we set out to make the MSB remote, the design was built from the ground up. Stainless steel buttons arrayed around an elegant volume wheel to optimize performance and response. California crafted in-house from an aluminum billet, the enclosure feels solid yet refined. Tailored for both the transport and the DAC’s daily use, our remote brings you closer to the music you love. Learn More > Click Here

Lasting performance.
Our remote can go months before needing a charge. Simply plug it in and the built-in lithium ion battery recharges within minutes. With four IR emitters and increased battery capacity, signal strength is boosted, emphasizing dynamic power in a discrete design.

Trade in program.
While we’re committed to long lasting products that hold their value, we realize audio systems are always evolving. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer up to 100% trade-in value for existing MSB products when upgrading to a higher performing series. If you currently have an MSB DAC or amplifier that you love–but are looking to experience more from your system–please reach out to your local dealer. We’ll build a personalized offer for your existing MSB products that count towards a new DAC or amplifier. Let us do the work of refurbishing and finding your current electronics a new home–they’ll continue to be enjoyed for years to come. Learn More > Click Here

People are talking.
Since opening our doors in 1986, we’ve been driven by one goal: to craft an unrivaled listening experience for music lovers across the globe. In that time, we’ve pushed the industry forward with each product we’ve built, redefining what’s possible. But don’t take our word for it. See what the reviews are saying. Learn More > Click Here

The best of the best.
At MSB, we believe excellence is a promise worth keeping. We’re honored to be recognized by the industry for bringing you the most lifelike sound we can. Check out the awards + accolades. Learn More > Click Here

Additional information

Weight 53 kg
Dimensions 63.4 × 63.5 × 50 cm

Available in matte black and matte silver anodized finishes

Supported Formats (Input dependent)

44.1kHz to 3,072kHz PCM up to 32 bits
1xDSD, 2xDSD, 4xDSD, 8xDSD
Supports DSD via DoP on all inputs

Digital Inputs

4x Advanced isolated input module slots

XLR Analog Inputs

100kΩ Balanced
12Vrms Maximum
Isolated when not selected

XLR Analog Outputs

3.57Vrms Maximum (Digital Input)
12Vrms Maximum (Analog Input)
75Ω Balanced
Galvanically isolated

Volume Control

Purely passive constant impedance analog attenuation
1dB steps


Custom discrete LED audio clock synchronous display
Adjustable brightness and auto-off feature


Isolated RS-232
IR Remote
Knob + 4 Buttons

Chassis Dimensions

Width: 44.4cm
Depth: 44.4cm
Height: 7.9cm (without feet) 9.2cm (with feet)

Chassis Weight


Product Feet

M6X1 Thread

Powerbase AC Voltage

100V (Fixed)
120/240V (Auto switching)

Powerbase Power Consumption

100 Watts (Total combined) with fully configured Select DAC and two Mono Power Bases
Less than 2W standby

Powerbase Chassis Dimensions

Width: 44.4cm
Depth: 44.4cm
Height: 7.9cm (without feet) 9.2cm (with feet)

Powerbase Weight


Included DAC Accessories

User manual
MSB Remote
USB charging cable

Included Powerbase Accessories

Hybrid power cable
Ground cable
IEC power cord


MSB Technology

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Located in Silicon Valley, our dedicated engineers and production specialists work to bring you the best in high-end audio. Combining elegant design thinking with a passion for lifelike reproduction, our close-knit team, led by brothers Jonathan and Daniel Gullman, build and curate a wide array of hifi products—DACs, transports and amplifiers—setting an industry benchmark. By relying on tight integration between electrical, mechanical and consumer needs, we strive to push the listening experience further. At the end of the day, our joy comes from innovation and sharing our leading-edge technologies with the world.

Designing DACs for more than 25 years has given us keen insights for future ready products. Now, more than ever, our product range has the most flexible architechture yet. California based in-house development and manufacturing has evolved the digital front-end to a new level of playback.

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We’re a small team of elite designers and technicians united by our love for high-end audio. While we’re builders at heart, our company culture drives the innovation and passion that makes MSB what it is today.

This is who we are.
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    • Honest Design We create and support long lasting products while maintaining simple, functional and intelligent design that performs at the highest level.
    • Promote Sustainability We maintain our environmental responsibility by seeking better manufacturing processes and minimizing use of resources.

We believe collaboration leads to excellence. Each member of the MSB team plays a critical role in getting our product out of our doors and into your home.

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