Emotion Audio is the sales division of Antipodes Audio Limited. It began when Antipodes was asked by some of the world’s best high-end brands to represent them in New Zealand and even Australia.

This led us to create Emotion Audio, to add three dedicated listening rooms open to the public in our Otaki premises, and to progressively add more brands that impressed us with their music-making ability.

Emotion Audio now also distributes our OLADRA and KALA product lines in Australia and New Zealand, and serves any market around the world where we are yet to establish a high-quality third-party distributor.


Emotion Audio lives and breathes the Antipodes ethos: that technology is just the tool, that sound quality is just the enabler, and that the sole purpose of music is your emotional reaction to it.

We have selected only the brands that have excited us by their music-making ability at the international shows we attend, and we will continue to bring you the best that we can discover from around the world.

Dedication to customer support goes hand-in-hand with this. As audiophiles that love music, we hate the idea that a customer is unable to play their music for any reason, and fixing that is always our top priority.

Behind The Emotion 

Emotion Audio customers enjoy after-sales help and advice from Antipodes Technical Support.  Antipodes Technical Support is recognised around the world for its fanatical focus on customer support, and is an authorised service agent for all of the brands that Emotion Audio represents.

You will enjoy the attention of technical experts that can instantly authorise shipping to your nearest service center if that is necessary, and who will personally follow the process through until it is resolved to your satisfaction. 

Watch This Space

We are a new company and fast growing. Continuously collaborating with excellent brands and their products.

Audition Experiences

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