XLR Balanced Input Module (AES/EBU)


This module is our AES/EBU interface module. This interface is limited in both sample rate, supported data formats, and bit depth. Toslink, Coaxial, and Balanced digital interfaces are most commonly asynchronous unless a separate clock feedback channel is added to the transport or server. In all of our DACs, we provide the best isolation possible the format allows, helping prevent most electrical noise from coupling from the transport.


The input interface can have a significant impact on both the sound quality of the DAC, as well as the overall user experience. Input interfaces are constantly changing and are the main reason why digital equipment becomes obsolete. For this reason, we’ve made our inputs standardized modules that are user replaceable. In each module, we individually design each interface to perform at its absolute peak performance, with minimum noise, jitter, and maximum isolation. While each interface can transfer data to DAC, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The primary difference between each interface is they add different amounts of noise and jitter to the audio system. With each interface,our goal is to have perfectly isolated, bit-perfect, low noise and low jitter data transfer.

MSB input modules are a standardized, swappable design that supports all of our DACs. This allows any module to be moved from one DAC to another for seemless upgradeability. Each module uses a toolless lever lock system for modules that allows simple, quick upgrades and replacements.

Each interface has advantages and disadvantages.

-Universal across the industry including consumer market
-Provides an isolated Word Sync output for clock feedback

-Asynchronous (Unless Word Sync is used )
-Isolation is limited
-Medium to High jitter
-No error detection or correction
-Limited to 24/192kHz and 1xDSD via DoP
-Limited to short cable lengths without performance degradation.


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