DC Linkz D-TC Gold Signature Barrel Jack/BNC Cable

Introducing Audio Group Denmark’s Ansuz DC Linkz D-TC Gold Signature cable: delivering elite audio quality with gold-plated copper conductors for unparalleled clarity and fidelity. Available at custom lengths upon quote request.


Transfer Clean Power to Ensure a Huge and Organic Soundstage

To deliver clean power the Ansuz DC Linkz D-TC Gold Signature cable features two Ansuz Gold Signature conductors. The refined power supplied from the Ansuz PowerBox enables the effective Ansuz active noise cancelling technologies built into the more advanced speaker cable series of Ansuz cables. More specific, the D-TC2, D-TC supreme and Gold Signature series. The result is a much more refined authenticity which provides an amazing, more lifelike, holistic musical experience.

Technologies and Components

The Ansuz DC Linkz cables are developed with the aim of delivering clean power created in the Ansuz PowerBox to feed the more advanced series of Ansuz loudspeaker cables and loudspeakers, prepared for active operation. The DC Linkz is more focused on power rather than signal. This is done by using the same core materials as for the Ansuz cable series, which delivers a pure signal flow that unleashes the authentic sound originally intended by the master recording.


Additional information

Twisted Cable

Qualified mechanical stability. To ensure greater mechanical stability, Ansuz twists the cables.


Carefully settled signal handling. The conductors are made of shielded Gold and silver plated copper.

Standard Length

1 Meter


Barrel DC Jack/Barrel DC Jack
Barrel DC Jack/BNC



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