Crescendo H-Frame Module


Designed for existing Crescendo Rack. Standard, Gold and Gold + Gold versions available. Check additional information tab for description of all 3 variations.

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The AG Lifter Crescendo H-Frame module fits on-top of the Crescendo Modular Rack and is the ultimate design based on the proven AG Lifter Crescendo Audio Isolation Rack. An extra layer of decoupling and isolation is now available for your premium source components. The AG Lifter Crescendo H-Frame module allows adjustment to tension the rack frame to provide fine tuning sonically. This adjustment pays dividends to the overall end performance.

The utility of the Crescendo H-Frame allows the use in or on furniture as a standalone module, now your equipment can be isolated inside your special furniture. All you need is the addition of Dulcet 20 Isolation Feet and a Shelf. Please ask your dealer for pricing details.

The AG Lifter frame is constructed from a proprietary designed aluminium extrusion (ISO 9001) and anodised in silver or black satin durable finishes. Anodised billet aluminium caps are permanently pressed into the vertical pillars. This quality of manufacture has allowed AG Lifter to offer a limited frame warranty.

AG Lifter Dulcet 19 isolation feet are standard on the Crescendo H-Frame to mitigate resonance for some turntable designs and especially for analogue or digital electronics.

REF 70 bearings are recommended for turntable/amplifier applications either on top the Dulcet Isolation feet or the Pillar Caps; please ask AG Lifter or your dealer for the correct configuration.

The overall sound is natural and has a wide-open soundstage, while retaining weight and clarity through the whole frequency range.

Additional information

Standard Version

4x Dulcet 19 Isolation Feet Fitted to Module
Ref 70 Bearing Upgrade

Gold Version

4x Dulcet 19 GOLD Isolation Feet
Ref 70 Bearing Upgrade

Gold + Gold Version

4x Dulcet 19 GOLD Isolation Feet
8x GOLD (brass) Caps
Ref 70 Bearing Upgrade


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