Puritan Ground Master


Earth line interference eliminator with optimum array routing technology. The safe and devastatingly effective way of connecting additional ground rods into any system.

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With the Puritan Ground Master (used in conjunction with an additional Ground Rod), offending noise and disturbance frequencies are identified and channelled through a low impedance route to ground, ensuring their elimination.

  • Dedicated Custom Guide Array
  • 12 Individual Alternately Tuned Frequency Guides
  • Simple Installation
  • Kills Ground Noise Dead
  • Blacker Silence and Subtler Detail
  • Widens and Deepens your 3-Dimensional Sound Stage
  • Rock Solid, Stable Imaging

The Ground or Earth connection is the absolute reference for all of your vital system voltages and has to be as silent and stable as possible. This is an extremely significant key to achieving the
ultimate fidelity from your system. However, there are problems:

  • Almost every modern electrical item is equipped with a high frequency switching power supply; kitchen and laundry appliances, chargers, TV’s, PC’s – the list is endless.
  • To meet emissions regulations these appliances use their Earth connection as a dumping place for the interference they generate. And with substations often serving hundreds of houses, your HiFi Earth/Ground connection may well be connected to thousands of Earth Line polluting appliances.

Long before the problem of high frequency interference on the Earth Line became as serious as it is today, audiophiles in the know were utilising additional Ground Rods to provide an independent Earth to their HiFi installations.

Elegant as this solution may seem, this is a colossally dangerous practice for the vast majority of current installations*. This is because it risks the potentially massive current from any fault between your HiFi and your local substation finding the easiest path to Earth through your HiFi with expensive, and possibly tragic, results! This is why the practice of introducing directly connected supplementary or dedicated HiFi Ground Rods is specifically prohibited by current UK Wiring Regulations. (Except in very specific circumstances).

By utilising the Puritan Ground Master the hazards (and illegality) associated with the use of additional HiFi Ground Rods are totally avoided. And this is achieved without compromising the effective route to ground and hence the removal, of undesirable noise disturbance frequencies on the Earth Line.

With the Puritan Ground Master used in conjunction with an additional Ground Rod the potentially dangerous route to Earth of mains frequency currents is safely isolated whilst offending noise and disturbance frequencies are permitted a highly efficient, extremely low impedance route to ground ensuring their elimination.

For the past 50 years houses have normally been connected using the Protective Multiple Earth (PME) system, whereby the Neutral Line is bonded to Earth at the substation and at other points along the way and with Neutral and Earth circuits separated at the point of entry to the building. This style of installation provides the greatest dangers if using additional ground rods without connecting though the Ground Master whilst other styles of household Earth connection will still benefit greatly with increased safety and performance by using the Ground Master.

A single core cable to run from the Ground Rod to the Ground Master will be required. Smaller diameter cables are easier to handle whilst fatter cables offer lower resistance over length and because of this can provide performance gains. (The overall resistance of a 10 metre length of 2.5mm2 cable would be 0.07Ω , 10.0mm2 0.02Ω.)

Depending on the type of soil, further improvements can be achieved by using additional Ground Rods linked together at minimum 1.2M spacing. Remember also that Ground Rods rely on moisture to link electrically to the Earth, in dry spells watering the area will elevate performance.

Further performance gains can be achieved using moisture retaining clay or conductive aggregates to surround the ground Rods e.g. Bentonite and Marconite.


Puritan Laboratories

Why Purify?

Washing machines, fridges, computers, plug in power supplies, low energy lighting, dimmer switches, heating pumps, thermostats, solar power installations, the list of culprits directly injecting rubbish into our mains supply is endless. Effectively anything connected to the mains in your house and all of your neighbours houses contributes to the problem. And that is before you consider more distant heavy industrial machinery, and it doesn’t stop there….. In the air there’s mobile phone, radio and TV transmissions, WiFi, Bluetooth, emergency services transmissions (the list is never ending) all totally saturating the atmosphere. Your household wiring and equipment cables acting as antennas, absorb and pile these very significant disturbances on top of the considerable interference already in them.

The flood of fizz, hash, spikes, snap crackle and pop delivering itself into your sensitive dacs, preamps, amplifiers and video displays swamp and confuse everything they are trying to do…… and it gets worse! The DC voltages, normally present in your mains supply, smother and suffocate the transformers in your equipment. Transformers need to “breath” freely and fully, in and out, following the AC mains frequency. The presence of DC leaves them noisily gasping for breath and unable to deliver their full power and punch.

When this occurs, the clarity, dynamics and emotion of the performance that you are trying to recreate is smothered under a barrage of interference pollution and waveform distortion. Your audio and visual equipment groans, buzzes and rattles, …. sound is constricted, muddled, harsh, two dimensional and unrealistic.

With the ‘Puritan Treatment’ dynamics and definition take an almost unbelievable stride forward, individual instruments gain air between them, their sound and timbre become convincing of the real thing, the sound-stage moves out of your speakers and into the room with gains in three dimensionality and with clarity definition and space between the instruments for them to inter-relate rather than muddle each other. Your listening will become a far more engaging and pleasurable experience.

Problems with mains and airborne disturbances also greatly compromise visual display performance causing definition to be dulled and the dynamics squashed. With the ‘Puritan Treatment’ the visual experience elevates to a higher level of noise free richness, blacker blacks, greater clarity, increased vibrancy and realism.

Our aim throughout is to produce the ultimate mains purifier solutions and to present these to the consumer with a level of meticulous build quality that means that an investment in a Puritan product is an investment that will be enjoyed for decades to come.

Look inside any of our products and you will see they are crammed with engineering.

We use multiple filter elements, 39 in the PSM136, each carefully and precisely tuned to inter-relate with each other to produce an increasing, cumulative cleansing effect with the lowest impedance high current paths to preserve maximum surge demand and dynamic agility.

By maintaining the power of equal resistance paths to each outlet and with every single type of mains degradation mode comprehensively dealt with, right down to the provision of a precision cleansed, star reference grounding structure, all Puritan design aspects come together to enable your system to perform to its absolute peak ability.

Mains purifiers require a means of connecting from the wall to the purifier and from the purifier to your equipment. To preserve the ultimate quality of mains supply we have developed our unique ‘Proprietary Dissipative Technology Mains Cables’. These employ a very substantial 25 amp rating, extremely high purity plated copper conductors enclosed in a superior dielectric silicone insulation which in turn is encased with a mechanically damping silicone sheath to provide a vibrationally “dead” super silent conduit. We then massively enhance this already terrific cable with a very special technology:

With normal (unshielded) mains cables, airborne interferences enter the conductors directly, polluting your equipment power paths, disrupting signal processing and delivery. With ordinary shielded cables airborne interferences are gathered and dumped into your system’s earth and through this route disrupt your processing and signal paths – a lose – lose situation! We solved this dilemma by developing our unique Proprietary Dissipative Technology shielding system. With our unique dissipative shielding the interferences bombarding the cables are absorbed into the dissipative shield, burned up and dissipated as heat – avoiding interference either reaching the conductors or polluting the system earth.

A thoroughly thought through and researched, highly advanced mains cable solution.

Other Puritan products to improve audio and visual experience by the elimination of mains disturbance problems include plug in silencers to place in sockets around the house to prevent re-radiation of disturbances, quietening the overall EMI/RFI smog and high specification speaker cables protected with our dissipative technology to prevent radiated disturbances attacking signal integrity at the last stage.

Choose the Puritan Treatment:
  • Liberate your sound stage into the room with greater breadth, depth and 3D realism
  • Regain the timing and emotion of the music with clear air between individual instruments
  • Release your system’s full dynamic range, it will punch harder and yet reveal more with quiet subtleties and tonal nuances unveiled
  • Clarity and definition improve with the sound and timbre of instruments becoming tangible and real
  • Listening becomes far more engaging and addictive
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