Oscar Trio


Control in the driver’s seat.
Oscar Trio meets the demand for a reasonably-priced Marten speaker, without sacrifice to our renowned sound and quality. To achieve this we re-designed the build and created a bespoke driver.

The build offers exceptionally controlled and natural sound; true musicality that is the mark of a Marten speaker.

  • Custom designed drivers
  • True Marten sound
  • 2-way
  • Competitive price-point
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Oscar Trio, launch model for our new series, is a defining moment – the same Marten sound in a new build. Our chief designer Leif Olofsson crafted new technology to achieve the same performance that we’ve built our name on. Innovation drove the creation of the Oscar series; understanding challenge, taking risks and rethinking design are the ashes from which Oscar was born.

I could easily hear the result of this extraordinary tech trickle-down and boundary-pushing in the Marten Oscar Trio

Dave McNair | Part-time Audiophile

Leif Olofsson introduces Oscar Trio
With custom drivers and low distortion, Oscar Trio offers a big dynamic range, longer excursion and deep bass performance.

Advanced technology for natural sound.
To keep the same Marten sound we designed brand new drivers, allowing more control of the details.

Hard ceramic is light, yet extremely rigid, making it one of the best materials for speaker membranes – it’s also known as Sapphire.

Our ceramic domes have a high internal damping factor, because of a refined electrochemical process. The membrane also has a high material resonance frequency, meaning distortion is minimal; offering a level of clarity that is the holy grail for high end speaker domes.

Streamlined with precision.
The exterior is an exercise in minimalist design – no unnecessary details; no embellishment. Marten cabinet design is a balance of strength and elegance: the perfect compliment to the sound.

The optional magnetic cover snaps on with a satisfying click, instantly streamlining the form without changing the sound.

Premium cables for purer sound.
We use Jorma Design internal wiring, for its exemplary quality and performance. Handmade in Sweden, the cables use separate + and – for enhanced shielding and the highest quality Copper.

This offers natural, transparent sound; the perfect choice for our speakers.

Cables are integral components, so they must work harmoniously with our precision design and build. Jorma Design delivers exactly what a Marten speaker demands.

Levels of isolation
Designed for Marten, the pucks and cones are made from high-tech engineering thermoplastic. This material has incredible stiffness, low friction, excellent dimensional stability and resonance control. A perfect balance of qualities needed for precision parts.

Our pucks and cones offer great isolation and outstanding performance from our speakers.

Low order for high dynamics.
We prefer to use lower order crossovers, as the higher order crossovers tend to limit the dynamics and details. Our second order crossover has been creatively designed to make the best of the dynamic range.

  • Copper foil air core coils
  • Silver/Gold capacitors
  • Supreme resistors
  • Jorma internal cabling

Ultimately I just want things to sound good. The Oscar Trios sounded amazing.”

Dave McNair | Part-time Audiophile

Give your apartment a promotion.
Oscar are great all-round speakers; with absolute ease of placement, they’ll sound great in smaller apartments as well as larger spaces. With sound so solid and tight, it fills a room and feels like a speaker with a much larger footprint.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 109 cm

High finish laminated cabinets. Available in Matte Walnut, Piano Black and Piano White.

Frequency Range

27-20000 Hz +-3dB

Power Rating

250 W


89 dB / 1 m / 2.83V


6 ohm (3.1 Ohm min)



Crossover Frequency

Second order 2500 Hz


Single-wiring WBT Nextgen

Internal Wiring

Jorma Design


25 mm fibre laminate Matte Walnut, Piano Black or White


Brushed Aluminium with Marten Pucks and Cones

Speaker (front)

1 x 1″ Ceramic
2 x 7″ Ceramic