ERIC Encore Statement Amplifier


The Engstrom ERIC Encore’s ceramic coatings and powder finishes are customisable (description here). Or you can choose a high gloss paint (description here). Eric has an upgrade version including their Elrog ER845 Tubes.

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Named after a great Swedish choir conductor, ERIC is our no-compromise statement power amplifier. Fully balanced and transformer-coupled, it was created to drive even the toughest loads. ERIC uses separate power supplies for input and output stages and DC filaments. While the original model launched in 2016 used rare and specially designed T-100 power output tubes, the urge for even more power and refinement could not be ignored. Further R&D led to 845 power output tubes, an evolution so electrifying it earned the title ENCORE. The sound digs deeper, spreads wider and peers farther into the Scandinavian soundscape. Weighing in at 65kg per monoblock, the ERIC ENCORE is a titan of the industry in both size and sound.

The power tubes are 845. With a wide range from rare NOS-tubes, to new modern 845’s, making tube rolling part of the fun. Driver tubes are 6L6GC in triode connection. Gain tubes are EC8010 a frame grid tube with high gain and low inner resistance.

ERIC is a fully balanced design with transformer coupling. No capacitors in the signal path, except between gain stage and driver stage.

One special goal with ERIC was to create a more powerful amplifier to drive even the toughest loads. It’s a fully balanced and transformer coupled power amp, all the way from input to output.

Additional information

Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 75 × 36 × 48 cm
Power Output at 2% THD+N, 1kHz

70 W




1V for full output power


1 balanced XLR/DIR
1 unbalanced RCA

Input Impedance


Output Impedance

4Ω, 8Ω or 16Ω
selectable on order


2 x 845
2 x 6L6GC
2 x EC8010
1 x GZ34
4 x 6CJ3

Frequency Response +0dB -1dB

10Hz – 30 kHz

THD (BW 70kHz) 100 Hz to 10 kHz

50W less than 0,2%

Hum and Noise

90dB below full output voltage