MONICA Pre-Amplifier & M-Phono


The Engstrom MONICA Preamp is available as a 2 or 3 box unit. The M-phono is the 3rd chassis complementing the MONICA line stage.  All 3 units are available in standard ceramic coating Graphite or Silver or both Facia and Body can be fully customised at an additional cost.

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MONICA Mk3 Pre-Amplifier

Named after one of Sweden’s favorite singers, MONICA is a fully balanced and perfectly matching pre-amplifier for LARS, ERIC and even ARNE for an extra boost or desired bi-amping. Inside its simple design are best-in-class components and a lifetime of engineering experience.

High end Pre Amplifier


As the third chassis complementing the MONICA line-stage, M-Phono is the MM/MC phono-pre-amp. Integrated into the original MONICA pre-amplifier in 2014, it is now a standalone product allowing the phono and line-stage to reach their full potential.

With six inputs for each channel (three balanced XLR and three unbalanced RCA connectors) and four outputs for each channel (two balanced XLR and two un-balanced RCA) MONICA works in harmony with your sound system.

MONICA features a fully balanced line stage and no negative feedback is used in the creation of its pure, distinct sound.

The core of the circuit is a unique two-totem-pole design in a balanced configuration, with four triode elements in each channel. Using a clever layout to separate the pure signal processing from the dirty components.

Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 30 × 48 × 15 cm

3 balanced XLR
3 unbalanced RCA

Input Impedance

40kΩ; All inputs transformer-coupled

Maximum Peak Input Level

12 V


2 balanced XLR
2 unbalanced RCA

Output Impedance

XLR, 75Ω @1kHz
400Ω @20Hz;
RCA, impedance 43Ω @1kHz,
80Ω @20Hz

Output Voltage

2 V

Maximum Peak Output Level

10 V

Tubes in Power Supply

1 x 6080WC
1 x ECC83

Tubes in Signal Path

4 x 5687WA

Channel Seperation

90dB at 10kHz



Frequency Response

10Hz to 40kHz

Main Power

115V / 230V
50Hz – 60Hz, 85VA


0.03% at 10V RMS output



Volume Control

-64dB to -33dB in 2dB steps
-32dB to 0dB in 1dB steps

Reverse phase toggle switch
on the back, one per channel

Ground toggle switch on the
back, one per RCA-input