Black Magic Speaker Cable


Black Magic Speaker Cables are a completely fresh design. Mad scientist has actually been designing speaker cables for years but none have been either good enough or practical enough to make into a product. Until now..

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This design came about after a brainstorming session that asked the question “Why doesn’t ordinary speaker cable sound good” (by this I mean the kind of stuff you get for a couple dollars a meter from the local electronics shop). After all there are people who will tell you that as long as the basic parameters (e.g. resistance) are OK then it can’t possibly make any difference. So why do speaker cables sound different?

This produced a long list of possible answers, which we set about testing. For example, one idea was that the speaker and cable can act as a giant antenna and send that RF back into the amplifier, so this lead to idea of a “bad antenna” design to minimize pickup (and also transmission).

Another design concept was to create multiple symmetries. A simple example of a symmetry is a twisted pair – this rejects noise due to it’s symmetrical construction. These cables go well beyond this, creating a whole bunch of symmetries.