ARNE Integrated Amplifier


Engstrom ARNE Integrated Amp is available in standard powder coating Black or White or both Facia and Body can be fully customised. The ARNE also has 3 valve upgrade options.

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Named after a famous Swedish jazz musician and born out of a design process akin to a jazz band mentality, ARNE is a fully balanced 300B integrated stereo-amp. The outward design echoes the heritage of a typical integrated tube amp, but elevates it with our distinctive curves and clean surfaces. Four years of intensive R&D since its 2018 launch has seen it evolve into the ARNE Mk2 in production today. We offer a selection of the best 300B tubes on the market to complement its contemporary circuit design. It is available in a classic all-black or all-white finish, with a choice of clear or smoked glass.

ARNE delivers a staggering 30wpc with grip, speed and dynamics not always associated with common 300B amplifiers. A thick aluminum chassis and adjustable feet (with ceramic balls inside) root the amplifier firmly to the supporting surface.

ARNE uses DC coupling between driver and power tubes. The driver stage has symmetrical positive and negative power supply. The DC level on the output of the driver is then zero, making it possible to connect the driver stages directly to the grids of the power tubes which have individual cathode bias.

This unique way to connect driver stages to the power tubes has big headroom, giving low distortion. The symmetrical DC coupled drive of the power tubes also gives very fast transient response. The sound is powerful, fast and clear.

“We still have a long way to go in our pursuit of completely pure Scandinavian Sound – accessible to all – but I can proudly say that ARNE is the closest we have come.” – ENGSTROM

Additional information

Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 48 × 45 × 32 cm
Power Output

@1% THD+N, 1kHz
30 W



Harmonic Distortion

1% at 30W

Frequency Response

10Hz to 40kHz +/- 1dB




1V for 30W out @ 5Ω load

Hum and Noise

90dB below full output voltage

THD (BW 70kHz) 100Hz - 10kHz

20W less than 0,5%


2x balanced XLR
2x unbalanced RCA

Input Impedance


Output Impedance

Mains Power

115V / 230V
50Hz – 60Hz

Volume Control

48-step control with remote